We Dive Deeper

Joshua Keogh (Amber Run)

June 10, 2019 Kate McGill Season 1 Episode 10
We Dive Deeper
Joshua Keogh (Amber Run)
Show Notes

My guest today is Mr Joshua Keogh from the one and only AMBER RUN! Honestly... we wrote with him the day after we recorded this episode and I could NOT get over his voice when he started singing in the room. It blew my tiny little mind. He didn't go out of tune once. And fuck me, what an incredible writer and lyricist. It's likely you'll have heard Amber Run's music - their two songs 'I Found' and '5am' are two of my all-time favourites. And those two songs ALONE have over 122 MILLION plays on Spotify! Ridiculous but so so deserved.

Today we dive into anxiety & depression, suicide attempts, religion, relationships, family, grief and a whole lot more.

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