We Dive Deeper

Marié Digby

March 31, 2019 Kate McGill Season 1 Episode 5
We Dive Deeper
Marié Digby
Show Notes

My guest today is none other than Marié Digby! I remember stumbling across her cover of Umbrella by Rihanna when I was 17 years old. That's a long time ago, team. I couldn't get over the insane talent and beauty she has - and I still can't, to be honest. Knowing her now and as a friend as well is just a huge treat. She has over 133 MILLION video views on YouTube and to this day makes the most wonderful music over on her Patreon page. Go and check her out - you won't be disappointed. Hope you guys love this episode as much I enjoyed talking to her.

Today we dive into social media addiction, bullying and not 'fitting in', religious schools, how she found her voice, record labels and much more. She has some wild stories you don't wanna miss... trust me.

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